For my first BEST! THING! EVER! post, I think it is appropriate to introduce something I’m entirely addicted to and of which I have a severe problem. I say this because nothing would make me happier than if you also became addicted and developed a severe problem with this as well so we can talk about it later on and throw around words like “rehab” and “intervention” and “my dwindling bank account”. Allow me to introduce you to Tejava Iced Tea. In the name of our Lady of Guadalupe, I have never been so infatuated with a drink before, and this is coming from a former barista who once shotgunned six espresso shots for the hell of it. Much like the famous miss Drew Barrymore, I barely want to speak in the morning unless I’ve got one of the mini bottles open in my hand. This tea is exquisite in its unsweetened simplicity, and due to its micro-brewed nature, it has no bitterness to speak of. Considering I live in the dorms still, it is way too much work to brew coffee every morning, but lucky for me Tejava iced tea is a proper substitute for the much needed caffeine I need guzzled into my system in order to justify going to a class that so rudely starts before noon. I mean, seriously. Who’s got time for that shit. Pffft. NOT this guy.

Basically, alls I’m sayin’ is that you should mosey on over to your local Trader Joe’s and pick up either a four pack of the mini bottles (easy to carry around, mind you!) or one of the big bottles and give it a whirl. It will revolutionize your wonderful world of delicious cold beverages.


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