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i made this list earlier tonight on a napkin.

things that make me happy:

– stealing pens

– red balloons

– eavesdropping into interesting conversations in Starbucks, and being pleasantly surprised when the conversations are shocking or scandalous

– summer dresses

– solving riddles

– “Miss?”

– using colloquialisms like “the bees knees”

Things that annoy me:

– when men call women bad words

– over zealous baristas

– not having a pen on my person

– when socks slip beneath your feet in shoes

– plaid wearing, “The Velvet Underground” listening, annoying hipster chicks.


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listy linky love.

things I want to think about:

– Hot for Teacher, ┬áVan Halen

this scene of the Addams Family Values movie.

– Jimmy Stewart


– A Softer World

– nerdy boys

things I don’t want to think about:

– that I’ll be a SENIOR AT UCLA in three months

– the word “coagulate” especially in regards to the thing I’m eating that second

– how long its been since I washed my sheets

– how accurate that guy was at the party last Saturday when he drunkenly explained to me that he thought he may have accidentally peed down that apartment’s trash chute.

– the future

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