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NOT the real world.

Zaire: Damn, I gotta get to Sproul to get a new key. At least losing your key here isn’t as bad as losing it in the real world.

Me: Honey, I’m sorry to tell you this, but this is the real world.

Zaire: No. No it’s not.

Me: Yes it is.

Zaire: No it’s not.

Me: I think we’re not understanding each oth…

Zaire: ISN’T.


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sisters, sisters.

Jessica: oh!

guess what kind of dog we’re getting

me: a cat

Jessica: yes




won’t he eat your baby though?

Jessica: haha no

we’re going to wait until the baby is 6mo-1yr

and then get the puppy

so that way, he’s raised around babies

me: so it’s got a chance of defending itself?

Jessica: hahaha

something like that

me: nice

good parenting

I think this is an amazing idea, that dog looks sooooo cuddly

Jessica: I  know!!

they’re super smart

me: I just want to let him roll around on my bed and then go chase a bad guy

Jessica: and very protective, but not at all aggressive

well, unless they think you are going to harm their family

me: that’s good

i like that in dogs

Jessica: me too

me: i do what a chihuaha though

wait. yours will eat mine


Jessica: and he’s big enough to pull around a doggy cart full of babies


not necessarily

when will you get a chihuahua?

me: when i’m jobless and a stoner in my mid twenties.


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