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i made this list earlier tonight on a napkin.

things that make me happy:

– stealing pens

– red balloons

– eavesdropping into interesting conversations in Starbucks, and being pleasantly surprised when the conversations are shocking or scandalous

– summer dresses

– solving riddles

– “Miss?”

– using colloquialisms like “the bees knees”

Things that annoy me:

– when men call women bad words

– over zealous baristas

– not having a pen on my person

– when socks slip beneath your feet in shoes

– plaid wearing, “The Velvet Underground” listening, annoying hipster chicks.


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listy linky love.

things I want to think about:

– Hot for Teacher,  Van Halen

this scene of the Addams Family Values movie.

– Jimmy Stewart


– A Softer World

– nerdy boys

things I don’t want to think about:

– that I’ll be a SENIOR AT UCLA in three months

– the word “coagulate” especially in regards to the thing I’m eating that second

– how long its been since I washed my sheets

– how accurate that guy was at the party last Saturday when he drunkenly explained to me that he thought he may have accidentally peed down that apartment’s trash chute.

– the future

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currently anticipating

In one minute: playing Blackbird on my guitar.

In one hour: watching 500 Days of Summer and planning my schedule of classes until I graduate.

In one day: eating chicken milanese with my roommate tonight and then Diddy Riese tonight with a friend.

In one week: Taking a southbound train home to San Diego all by myself.

In one fortnight: Practicing the harmonica and ukulele that I’ll bring back from home!

In one month: Spring break! The end of my Milton class!

In one year: (almost) Earning my bachelors degree from UCLA.

In ten years: Ye gods. A mortgage? Grim death? I’ll hope for a husband who says “bless you” when I sneeze and children with cork guns.

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NOT the real world.

Zaire: Damn, I gotta get to Sproul to get a new key. At least losing your key here isn’t as bad as losing it in the real world.

Me: Honey, I’m sorry to tell you this, but this is the real world.

Zaire: No. No it’s not.

Me: Yes it is.

Zaire: No it’s not.

Me: I think we’re not understanding each oth…

Zaire: ISN’T.

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Dum dum dum dummm.

Hello, midterms. How lovely of you to stop by.

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sisters, sisters.

Jessica: oh!

guess what kind of dog we’re getting

me: a cat

Jessica: yes



won’t he eat your baby though?

Jessica: haha no

we’re going to wait until the baby is 6mo-1yr

and then get the puppy

so that way, he’s raised around babies

me: so it’s got a chance of defending itself?

Jessica: hahaha

something like that

me: nice

good parenting

I think this is an amazing idea, that dog looks sooooo cuddly

Jessica: I  know!!

they’re super smart

me: I just want to let him roll around on my bed and then go chase a bad guy

Jessica: and very protective, but not at all aggressive

well, unless they think you are going to harm their family

me: that’s good

i like that in dogs

Jessica: me too

me: i do what a chihuaha though

wait. yours will eat mine


Jessica: and he’s big enough to pull around a doggy cart full of babies


not necessarily

when will you get a chihuahua?

me: when i’m jobless and a stoner in my mid twenties.


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I cannot believe that there could be very many feelings in this world better than turning in a paper that you’ve slaved over for days. Hours of sleep you’ll never get back, minutes off of your life, wrinkles drilled into your face. We all go through it, the process is the same always. You get your paper topics, you circle the ones you like, and then it’s a week of doing other things and then a few days of intense drafts and flurries of hands across keyboards, until the last “Save as…” is hit and it’s over. That was my day today, and as it always go, now it’s a week of studying for my Milton midterm in a week. So it goes.

On the sunny side, here’s a list of really interesting websites I found today:

Cotton Fabric – Stain Removal | Clothing Labels | Laundry Tips

25 New Year’s Resolutions for Going Green in 2010 : Planet Green

Issuu – You Publish

Simple private real-time sharing and collaboration by – Categories

TripIt | Online travel itinerary and trip planner

And for the icing on the cake, I re-discovered this gem from my sister’s website:

Autocomplete Me

Have fun procrastinating! I sure did!

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