Cast of Characters

Jess – She’s both my sister and my best friend. It’s rare that this happens, and boy howdy is it something. Jess knows how to make me feel like the prettiest and empowered person in the whole world, as well as how to hurt me more than anyone else could ever know, and somewhere in between those two poles we get along swimmingly. I don’t know if I could ever love anyone more than I love my sister. She’s totally the type of sister you’d call to both help you pick out linens to match your china pattern as well as to plan the mechanics of floating coolers of beer down a river for a rafting trip. She’s also expecting her first baby.

Mama – The Worlds Greatest Mother Ever, twenty-three years in a row and counting. This woman is the strongest person I will ever meet, and I can only hope to be half the woman she is one day. My mama is the epitome of comfort and motherhood, and gives better advice than anyone I know. She’s also the kind of mom who pays for all my friend’s dinners when we go out to eat, and she’ll cut out articles in magazines she thinks I’ll like. She’s even got that “mom” smell that reminds you of home.

Dad – “Ralphie” recently retired from the police department after twenty-five years on the force, and I’m entirely convinced he could stop a speeding bullet with his pinky. My dad knows exactly when I need to be treated like daddy’s little girl or like an adult, and his cooking is famous across America. My dad is the one who taught me to find my rhythm in music, how to believe in God and how to shoot a gun, and not a single day of my life passes in which my dad does not somehow tell me that he loves me and is proud of me. Typically, my mom is in the background yelling the same thing over the Grateful Dead.


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